5 Reasons to Attend Salesforce Connections 2023

Like every year Salesforce Connections event is happening in Chicago on 7-8 June and we’re super thrilled to announce that Innovadel is going to attend it this year too. There is going to be a stream of Commerce, Digital Marketing, and Service professionals that are attending this astonishing event. Come join then and hear about Salesforce from inspiring speakers, learn from Salesforce Experts, and network with people in your industry.

No matter if you’re planning to transform your organization or want to expand your network, Salesforce Connections 2023 is the place for you. If you’re on the fence about choosing whether you should go to the event or not then we can help you decide by giving you 5 compelling reasons. As we’ve been in the Salesforce market for a long, we believe our expert opinion might be just what you need.

1.      It’s the Salesforce Event of the Year!

It has become more competitive and complex to build direct and quality relationships in the market, and at Connections 2023 you will get an idea of how Salesforce can bring engagement, coordination, and data together across various channels to vanish this struggle.

In commerce, customer satisfaction comes with top-notch personalized experiences. When we talk about marketing, Salesforce will help you get your customer needs like never before. In service, you can engage consumers through customized support. By attending this event you’ll understand how you can transform your business experiences across numerous industries with Salesforce.

2.      Unlimited Sessions to Power Up Skills

The world of digital marketing, commerce, and service will come hand in hand at Connections 2023. You will get the chance to attend unlimited sessions that will help you understand the platform better. In addition, it’ll assist you in getting what Salesforce has to offer and that should be one of the core reasons for you to attend the event.

You have the chance to plan ahead and ensure you don’t miss out on important Salesforce sessions that tickle your interests. It’ll help you get inspired and gain insights at theater and breakout sessions, and top-notch training at the Connections ’23 event. Every industry has its own set of needs and Salesforce Connections 2023 will cover every possible industry needs. So why not take advantage of that?

3.      Connect with Salesforce Community

Salesforce Connections 2023 is going to be packed up with like-minded people around the commerce, service, and digital marketing world. You will get endless opportunities to connect with the Salesforce community at all the keynotes, sessions, parties, and more. Get a chance to meet people who share the same industry interests and expand your professional circle. You won’t get a chance like this because almost every known industry leader is going to be there. So, we suggest don’t miss that!

4.      Network & Explore

Salesforce Connections 2023 isn’t only about networking with consumers or prospects but also about making relationships at a personal level. You’ll meet loads of new people at Connections 2023. And there’s a big possibility that some of them are facing similar issues so you might be able to help each other out.

Just to tell you that these connections can turn into big business opportunities in the future and you should not pass not that. In addition, there is so much to explore in the Chicago city. So, if you’re new to the city then it’s a great chance for you to explore a new place.

5.      Get the Latest Updates on Salesforce Features

One of the favorite parts about any person who’s related to Salesforce is learning more about the platform. And Connections 2023 you’ll get the chance to understand the latest updates and features. You must have loads of questions about Salesforce’s new features and you can ask directly from Solution Engineers and Product Managers at the Salesforce Connections event. Not only you’ll understand the platform but also learn more about how it can impact your specific industries.

About Innovadel

Innovadel Technologies is an Official Salesforce Consulting Partner offering Customer 360 solutions. We have over a decade long experience across various industries and have the highest client satisfaction rate. Innovadel’s CEO “Haroon Chaudhry” is going to attend Salesforce Connections 2023. You will have a chance to meet him and discuss Salesforce and other similar interests. We hope these reasons were helpful and we’re hoping to connect with you again!

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