Top 3 eCommerce Integrations For Your Online Store

Running an online store isn’t just about having a website. You need more than that to grow your online business. You need the right tools like CRM platforms, payment systems, shipping methods, email marketing software, etc. In short, you need different e-commerce integrations for your storefront.

These integrations are the behind-the-scenes heroes that improve your Ecommerce system. They save you time and hassle by smoothly bringing in third-party tools so you can focus on the important stuff.

Every Ecommerce business relies on certain apps to keep things running smoothly. The best scenario is when these apps can work together seamlessly. This simplifies complicated tasks, gives you a complete picture of your business, and reduces your time on external tools.

It doesn’t matter which E-commerce platform you use; setting up the right integrations is key. When you gather all your tasks in one place, it not only makes managing your business easier but also helps your business grow. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 3 Salesforce ecommerce integrations for your online business so you can pick the one that meets your business needs. Let’s get started!

What Are E-Commerce Integrations?

Ecommerce integration is like a virtual bridge connecting two different platforms or apps. It works like the glue that links them together, letting important data flow smoothly from one E-commerce platform to another. Integrations help to simplify things for users and ensure customers have a seamless shopping experience. The goal is to make it simple to transfer information between different technologies involved in online buying and selling, whether direct or indirect.

Ecommerce integrations give you and your team a comprehensive view of the information essential for running your business efficiently. Beyond benefiting your employees, these integrations also make processes quicker and more efficient for your customers. In e-commerce integration, data moves between platforms and business functions like marketing, sales, CRM, ERP, inventory, and accounting. These technologies help maintain a seamless information flow for your business to meet growing needs.

Why Online Businesses Should Go for the Right E-commerce Integrations

Businesses should connect to their customers effortlessly across various channels like social media platforms, mobile and web apps, and physical stores. Your eCommerce storefront needs integration with payment, marketing, and shipping systems to provide the best customer experience.

However, businesses must find the best e-commerce integrations connecting with their important software and apps. It will help businesses to easily manage multiple systems, which will then improve sales and customer experience.

The right integration will help you automate key functions and reduce human error in regular operations. E-commerce integrations don’t only free up your time but also provide support to your business’s strategic growth. But still, to integrate the best Salesforce integrations, you need to hire a professional SFCC solution provider to choose the best integration.

E-commerce Integrations 1.1

Top 3 Salesforce E-Commerce Integrations

Innovadel Technologies has worked with multiple merchants and businesses and figured out what kind of ecommerce platforms and integrations they prefer to support their ecommerce storefront. Here are our top 3 picks that ecommerce businesses should consider:

1.   Payment Integrations

Imagine a customer going through your ecommerce store and adding an item to the cart, but your checkout process is complex, or you offer limited payment methods. What do you think your customers will do? They will abandon their cart. According to a recent study, 11% of customers abandon their cart due to unavailability of their preferred payment options. It’s where Salesforce Payment integrations come into play. These integrations support multiple payment methods, so businesses can choose methods according to customers’ preferences.

According to research, 19% of customers abandon their cart because they’re concerned about sharing their credit information. Ecommerce businesses should go for trustworthy payment integrations to improve customer experience. Here are the best payment integrations that your customers will trust:


PayPal is a trustworthy financial company with 431 million active users worldwide. PayPal integration with your eCommerce storefront will make the payment process fast and secure. It will let customers pay using a PayPal account or credit & debit cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, or Discover).

PayPal integration allows you to reap the benefits of features like PayPal Credit IPN, Easy Payments, and One Touch Checkouts. With this fraud-proof payment option, your customers will complete their checkout process satisfactorily.


Stripe is another of the best payment integrations with Salesforce Commerce Cloud that lets businesses accept online and in-person payments from their clients globally. According to BackLinko, 3.1 million active websites use Stripe as their payment method. The best part of Stripe is that it supports 50+ different payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, Afterpay, and credit & debit cards.

Stripe offers no-code options to use its payment features. You can personalize it and deploy the payment interface from its dashboard onto your online store.


Worldpay’s payment integration is an all-in-one solution revolutionizing how businesses manage their transactions. From card acquisition to risk management, Worldpay’s SCC integration ensures a seamless and smooth checkout experience for your customers that will increase customer satisfaction and sales. With its modular framework, getting into the markets becomes simple as pre-integrated alternative payment methods like PayPal, Boleto, and AliPay support it.

With the integration of Worldpay payment methods to your online store, you can expand globally as it supports 120 currencies and 200+ payment methods.

2.   Marketing Integrations

Effective marketing is always important for businesses to grow. Marketing integrations help businesses to make a strong brand awareness so your business keeps your brand in mind when they need to buy something like your products. With the right marketing integrations, you can engage more customers and maximize sales. However, you need Salesforce integration services from professionals to ensure you’re heading the right way. Here are some of the best marketing integrations for your online business:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud needs no introduction! It’s an effective marketing automation tool that helps you manage and customize customer journeys across a wide range of channels like social media platforms, email, and SMS. With this marketing integration, you can engage your customers at every stage of their journey, which will boost retention rates and drive customer satisfaction. Marketing cloud integration with your storefront is an effective way to improve your marketing efforts.

Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot removes the hassle of repetitive tasks associated with lead generation. It’s a B2B marketing automation tool that can help you generate and nurture leads, track your marketing campaign performance, and optimize marketing efforts. With this integration, you can access powerful tools to help you create targeted campaigns that engage prospects and move them through the sales funnel. Your marketing team can save time with Salesforce Pardot integration and create an effective content strategy.


Yotpo is a marketing platform that helps businesses to generate more customer reviews and user-generated content. Through this integration, you can collect and show your customer reviews on the website to enhance your online reputation and show reliability to your potential customers. Besides this, Yotpo offers various marketing tools that can help you create targeted campaigns that boost engagement and sales.

3.   Tax Calculation Integration

Tax calculation integration can enhance your ecommerce journey. It’s an important integration for both B2C and B2B businesses. This integration ensures precise tax calculations and streamlined tax return preparation. Also, it enhances the customer experience by offering them transparent tax information upfront and minimizes cart abandonment rates. However, you need a Salesforce Commerce Cloud consulting partner to integrate tax calculation into your online store so you can achieve optimal results. Here are the best tax calculation integrations you should consider for your storefront:


TaxJar is a cloud-based platform designed to streamline sales tax compliance across a vast network of 11,000 jurisdictions. It covers the entire sales tax life cycle spectrum, managing all aspects across your various sales channels. This includes tasks like calculating sales tax, keeping track of nexus, generating reports, and ensuring timely filing.


The platform ensures your business collects the accurate sales tax rate for each product sold. TaxJar also handles filing and remitting to ensure you meet all your tax obligations punctually and accurately.


Avalara is the best tax calculation integration for businesses striving to meet compliance standards with transactional taxes, covering a range of taxes such as VAT, sales and use, excise, communications, and more, spanning multiple jurisdictions. Their cloud-based solutions offer a complete approach that is fast, accurate, and user-friendly.

Businesses using Avalara’s integration to their storefront can automate the intricate processes of calculating and reporting sales taxes. Also, the platform facilitates the management of exemption certificates, ensuring adherence to tax regulations on a global scale.

Level Up Your Storefront with E-commerce Integrations

With the growth of your business, you want to increase the average order value. Ecommerce integrations are shortcuts to help businesses complete their hefty work faster. These integrations can help your ecommerce business streamline its workflows, automate tasks, and scale services.

However, you need to find the right Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting partner to achieve successful integrations. Innovadel Technologies, with a rich SFCC experience, can help you offer the best Salesforce integration services. Trust us to guide you through the complete process of e-commerce integrations, right from defining your business requirements to meeting them.