How to Sell Smarter with Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Regardless of a business’s size, a workable platform is essential to survive in this competitive marketplace. That’s because it’s crucial for business growth and attracting new customers while balancing operational costs. A quality cloud-based CRM like Salesforce is most viable if you want to link the right audience with the right sales rep in the best method possible.

Salesforce is a comprehensive service platform that benefits almost all sorts of industries in one way or another. Businesses can get a clear image of customers’ preferences, buying journeys, and needs so brands can assist and manage sales, marketing, and customer services. As a business owner, you can get quick insights about your teams. It will help you know where to centralize focus and make informed decisions based on accurate information about market changes.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

It is the world’s leading CRM because of its proven reasons. Salesforce Sales Cloud contains a wide range of services that assist enterprises in getting their targeted goals quickly and bringing a solid brand image for competitors.

We’ll discuss how you can sell smarter with the help of this top-leading CRM software, along with how its rich features can benefit your brand.

Significant Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

There are immense benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud that help businesses of all sorts to grow manifolds.

·         Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting helps make better decisions and is relatively easy to deal with. This feature gives you a real-time overview of the sales team’s forecast. In addition, it overrides visibility and offers multicurrency support that will help you get a competitive benefit within your respective markets.

·         Go Mobile

Mobility is, without a doubt, the central part of organizations as it allows them to work anytime and from anywhere. Sales Cloud has quality mobility solutions enabling companies to track sales activities worldwide. The monitoring includes checking the dashboards, reports, logs, charts, and more with few clips.

·         Increased Productivity through AI

AI is one of the most effective tools that make sales cloud a top-tier choice in the e-commerce market. With this technology, you can automate main processes, help teams generate leads, prioritize leads, and more. AI automation has proven to be the most significant reason businesses are increasing their revenue and productivity.

·         More Leads

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the ultimate tool for your enterprise if you want to increase your conversion rates. You can quickly become a lead machine with the help of the unlimited features of this quality CRM platform. Lead management features let the sales team maintain leads while tracking campaigns among many channels. In addition, this platform helps offer information that will boost productivity in marketing and sales.

Sale Cloud’s Leading Features

Sales Cloud is a quality CRM solution for all sorts of businesses. That’s because its exceptional features contain all the necessary elements to run an organization smoothly. We will talk about some of the most critical features of Salesforce Sales Cloud here so you can understand how achieving your business goals through this robust platform is possible.

·         Opportunity Management

It’s possible to manage sales deals from anywhere in the globe while doing other vital operations. Through opportunity management, you can focus on essential business operations. Furthermore, you can get comprehensive information on the customer journey and be more informed about what to do to win other deals. With the help of the fantastic function, it’s easier to build on-the-minute quotes and streamline the sales process.

·         Contact and Account Management

You’ll have access to all contact information of your consumer’s account through the Sales Cloud. It’s possible to get essential customer data containing key contacts, communication history, and more. You can get a complete picture of customer insights, engagement with business, and details of all the deals.

·         Lead Management

Lead management allows you to convert deals into promising and real-time opportunities. It helps the sales team track important information accurately regarding leads. You’ll understand where the leads have come from, offer relevant data to make the right decisions, and assign or route leads toward the perfect people. In addition, you can monitor your business’s marketing campaigns across all channels.

·         Reports and Dashboard

Create personalized sales forecasting reports through ease using Salesforce Sales Cloud. You only need to drag and drop filters, charts, fields, categories, and groups. As a result, you’ll view a real-time image of your report. It’s possible to monitor the team’s performance using the dashboard report and sales activities platforms to make decisions instantly.

·         Process Automation

Using Sales Cloud, the business can automate its process using simple drag-and-drop and bring success. A process builder function comes with a point-to-click option that will automate all processes easily. You can make automated workflows and alerts for different deals. The deals are then auto-assigned while moving through numerous stages to make the sales process simple and quick.

·         Data Management

To achieve successful and fulfilled business processes, you must provide the correct information to the right sales representative in real time. The lightning data assist brands in discovering intelligent insights, finding potential clients and segments, and offering top-notch opportunities with AI assistance. In addition, you can select the right data that accurately match all your business needs.

Sell Smarter with Sales Cloud Einstein

Einstein is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on the platform, which means Einstein can look after all Salesforce CRM and identify essential data so your team can make informed decisions for more business success.

For instance, Einstein can score leads when a representative captures lead activity, which will help them understand more qualified ones.

  • Einstein works the same way with opportunities, meaning it’ll help scoring so brands can understand how to prioritize the day and how to proceed the next day.
  • Einstein collects news from all sources with the help of Accounts Insights and puts that within account data in CRM.

These are just a few of the things that Einstein can offer. There are some more that enterprises will get:

·         Einstein Forecasting

It gives enterprises unique predictions about how much revenue they can generate within a year. Let’s assume you’re not chasing the target, and Einstein will help by offering tips on achieving such a goal.

·         Analytics

Sales Cloud Einstein’s analytics has 20 different dashboards and 40 KPIs that contain the white space analysis dashboard. It will allow you to look at all the open opportunities.

·         Salesforce Inbox

Salesforce helps enterprises prioritize popular emails to support the sales teams. Based on the emails, Einstein can tell sales reps what they must do next, such as setting up meetings.

Through these excellent Sales Cloud Einstein features, you can sell smarter without a doubt.

Sell Rapidly with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Patterns and time within sales keep changing. However, sales representatives are in front of computer screens most of the time, which is challenging. According to a recent study, the sales team spends at least 6 hours in front of screens while talking to customers. That’s a lot!

Enterprises are investing in decreasing screen time within their sales team. That’s so they can focus on connecting with real-time customers and build smart strategies to drive more sales to the company.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud contain significant features such as Macros that are helpful for businesses for automating all manual tasks in huge amount.
  • Sales Cloud Einstein is useful for prioritizing opportunities and leads. When a sales rep clicks on the top leads, it will lead you to the Einstein score along with beneficial factors that greatly help the team because it helps them identify the potential of a lead. A sales representative can use this information and send a call or email to the prospect without wasting time.
  • Lightning Sales console lets organizations personalize their dashboards within Salesforce according to what’s necessary for the business.

How Does Sales Cloud Help Businesses Sell Better?

The Lightning feature help businesses here as it comes with around 700 features that help sales representatives close more deals efficiently. The lightning dialer can assist you in quickly connecting with potential clients. It’s one of the most prominent features that hugely impact brand operations and its respective success.

MyLightning is another smart feature of Sales Cloud that allows businesses you create a personalized sales dashboard. It contains enough information that helps organizations track down all sales activities, including revenues, pipelines, and overall team performance. Companies can customize the dashboard based on their unique needs.

The sales team is always trying to discover new clients, and Salesforce’s powerful tools can help them massively. They can utilize mobile phones to access information regardless of where they’re through Salesforce Sales Cloud.


Living in this high time of technology era, it’s not hard to admit that with the help of tech-enabled sales teams, businesses can cross-sell, upsell, generate more revenue, and get a higher conversion rate. Salesforce Sales Cloud is a smart platform that allows all this possible with the help of its compelling features, including forecasting, lead management, automated workflows, and simplified procedures.

If you’re thinking of implementing Sales Cloud in your business, that’s the best you can do for your business today. You will not only be able to track your sales team activities but also boost productivity which will ultimately result in generating more leads. It’s in your hand to take your enterprise to new heights by integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud within your system.

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