Key Highlights of Connections ’23 with Innovadel

Innovadel recently had a great experience attending Salesforce Connections ’23. The event mainly brought around 10k industry leaders from around the world. The conference lasted two jam-packed days where experts networked, shared their knowledge, and had unforgettable experiences.

Connections had over 250 sessions and a great concert, making it a successful event. Innovadel is excited to share the key highlights of Connections so you can get updated on everything introduced in case you missed the conference.

The main Connections theme highlighted in almost every product demo and keynote was Data + AI + CRM. Salesforce Data Cloud is the industry’s new talk and possibly the number one customer data platform in the near future. We’ll discuss everything in detail here.

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·         Marketing GPT

Numerous features and products were announced at the connections event, but Marketing GPT was hands down the standout gem. There have been AI powers within the Einstein GPT suite of Salesforce, and Marketing GPT is the new addition that will be available in Spring 2024.

This platform leverages the capabilities of Salesforce’s well-known AI partners in addition to LLMs, allowing marketers to use natural language prompts and accelerate different use cases. Here are a few features we think are highly useful for boosting efficiency and productivity:

  • Email content creation:

Through this platform, you can expedite email creation, such as body content, generative images, and subject line. Marketing GPT uses successful messaging from previous customer journeys, offering significant value. Salesforce partners with Typeface for generative Artificial Intelligence

  • Segment creation:

Salesforce provides Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud as the main feature of rapid segment creation without writing long queries or needing technical teams for any support. It will hugely improve targeting functionalities. At the connections event, in the opening keynote, there was a tremendous generative AI demo showcasing this functionality’s creative power.

  • Segment Intelligence:

Segment Intelligence uses Data Cloud to offer analytics to improve intelligence on customer engagement automatically. It contains activations and optimizations.

The most important thing for e-tailers is that generative AI is available for every Cloud, such as Service GPT, Commerce GPT, Sales GPT, Slack GPT, and Tableau GPT.

·         Data Cloud

One of the most significant revelations at the Salesforce Connections ’23 was the considerable investment within the Customer Data Platform. After announcing the zero-copy architecture, experts mainly focused on the significance of tool performance and data security compliance.

This enhancement guarantees improved compliance capabilities and data security for companies. During the event, Salesforce also introduced identity resolution functionalities and quick data ingestion capabilities. Such additions empower businesses to analyze and process vast amounts of data faster and ultimately let them get improved customer experiences and actionable insights.

Furthermore, Salesforce introduced the ability to part brands in the Data Studio. By using this feature, organizations can efficiently function with complex structures while managing and analyzing data of multiple brands independently and smoothly.

·         Strategies and Personalization for Enhanced Engagement

Personalization and customer engagement were the main points of the Connections 2023 event. Using Einstein GPT and Data Cloud, marketers can build customized messages through reliable customer data, leading to high-quality customer engagement.

The latest AI tools can copy and create powerful marketing content, empowering service and sales teams to select the perfect responses and words. In addition, it will save the team time during customer interactions. At last year’s connections event, the central theme was personalization, and continuing this trend will also stay the critical objective for numerous businesses this year.

·         Pardot

As most of you know, Salesforce has rebranded Pardot, and it’s now known as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. At Connections ’23, Salesforce showcased newly included advanced features. Note that Marketing Cloud is different, so distinguish Pardot from that, as it’s a B2B automation tool.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement functionalities focus on customer engagement. Two main highlighted features are as follows:

Einstein Campaign Insights:

It will assist teams with the most effective campaigns and allow uncovering the target audience.

Einstein Attribution:

This feature will showcase the marketing spend ROI and automate marketing attribution.

·         Zero ETL: Google Cloud + Data Cloud

Salesforce has unveiled a great partnership between Google BigQuery and Data Cloud. BigQuery is a well-known data warehouse associated with Google. A zero-copy clone has been enabled through this collaboration, making a secure link.

It will let businesses directly query data from Salesforce’s Data Cloud to BigQuery. This will reduce the requirement for transformations or data movements. Organizations can now have a smooth data experience without getting expensive data pipelines.

Connections ’23 Thoughts from Innovadel Experts

Data and AI have become the primary driver of productive connections within the business world. It’s unsurprising that implementing quality segmentation techniques and leveraging the finest data can massively improve interactions with quality leads and marketing materials to increase conversion rates.

Salesforce has made noteworthy investments in data and AI, transforming from an old CRM to a top-notch data-driven enterprise. Their primary goal is to empower customers to gather, process, and make the best decisions within the Salesforce ecosystem.

To get this transformation, Salesforce is actively getting integrations and partnerships with leading technology companies like Google, Open AI, and Snowflake. With the help of these collaborations, Salesforce can provide vast data resources to its customers and seamless data integrations. As Salesforce embraces strategic alliances, businesses will get comprehensive data solutions, ensuring enterprises access relevant and updated data.

Connections ’23 was an absolute success full of technological innovations and a proper roadmap for the retail future. Innovadel is excited to adopt the latest AI technology by Salesforce to help our clients stay competitive.

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