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Order management system

Why Do You Need OMS?

Get improved quality and high value from resources with Innovadel commitments to reduce knowledge loss and standardize delivery. Customer expectations are getting higher with the constant increase in e-commerce operations. You need a smart OMS that promotes retention, enhances enterprise value and streamlines customer order process management.

  • 86% of buyers will pay more for an enhanced customer experience

Streamline Customer Experiences at Every Step of Buying Journey

Unleash the True Potential of Your Resources

Strengthen your brand from the improvements and integration to offer the utmost customer interaction every time.


Get a comprehensive view of the customer order lifecycle with SOM solutions

Scale & innovate your business with a reliable Salesforce Partner

Offering a smooth customer experience is a challenging task. An order doesn’t end at the purchase button and has a series of post-purchase actions. Salesforce Order Management is built on the world-leading CRM platform that can ensure a seamless and connected customer experience through a single source for all orders.

Being a Salesforce Partner, Innovadel can smoothly customize and implement SOM and help your business leverage its unlimited benefits. You can integrate Salesforce Order Management System with your e-commerce platform through our certified team and get a 360-degree & centralized customer view.

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Ultimate Power of Salesforce Order Management System

| Order Management Console

A one-stop hub including order information such as payment summaries, shipping addresses, and more that are available for personalization.

| SOM Flow Builder

SOM can help businesses with customization, pre-built flows, and automation to track orders throughout the fulfilment process.

| Seamlessly Integrated

SOM is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud and supports Services Cloud and B2B Commerce Cloud.

| Complete Order Summaries

Salesforce Order Management System can display complete data from order placement to fulfilment, order payment, delivery, and customer queries within a single interface.

| Distributed Order Management

With the help of Distributed Order Management and its automation powers, delivering orders cost-effectively throughout service locations is possible.

| Immense Data Model

SOM contains various objects for order lifecycle, general activities, payment processing, returns, user management, and invoicing.


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