Pardot Cloud Package

Pardot is a significant B2B marketing automation tool made to generate more pipelines, help sales teams cross-sell, and generate meaningful connections. You can work smarter by aligning sales and marketing teams through this advanced technology.

Key Benefits

Enhance revenue attribution, target messaging, and revenue attribution.

Cover the gap between sales and marketing teams through marketing automation.

Get a 360-degree view from click to sale and implement data-driven marketing budget strategies.

Seamlessly measure the performance of your ROI and marketing campaigns.

Enhance your leads smartly and efficiently by automating behavior-based customized communications.

Smooth integrations with third-party apps and Salesforce CRM.

Our Pricing




– Extensive solution design.

– Complete roll-out plan.


– Implement website tracking code to measure visitor activity.

– Implement email authentication for maximum email deliverability.

– Configure vanity tracking domain for Pardot-hosted links.

– Configure Single Sign-On for organization users through Pardot.

– Configure IP whitelisting.

Configure applicable connectors such as:

– Google Analytics

– AdWords

– social media

– and more.

Upload marketing components for communication:

– banner 

– logo 

– images

Design and configuration:

– two email templates by using company assets.

– unsubscribed and preference pages.

– about 10 segmentation lists and rules for prospect segmentation.

– around 10 automation rules.

Installation and configuration of Pardot Salesforce connector.

Dedicated Point of Contact supervision, control, and monitoring.

Salesforce Training & Support

– Innovadel offer remote training sessions with expert ongoing support.

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Close the gap between marketing and sales teams with a seamless market automation solution and boost business ROI.

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