Salesforce 360 – Everything you Need to Know

Salesforce 360 is an integrated platform used by various business units and lets them access a single shared view of customer data. Enterprises have the power to offer an aggregated buying experience to their customers. This powerful solution can help them give exceptional customer care services for more customer retention.

In today’s age, consumers want to be involved in every decision, and through Salesforce 360, business owners can make that happen. Besides, sales teams need help because of technological advancement and big data. It’s impossible to cater the quality experience to customers with a limited point of contact. Instead, retailers should link everything strategically.

Sales representatives can comprehensively view how they convert campaigns into leads, pipelines, prospects, and sales. It’s all possible by having all their sales, marketing, service, and commerce information within a single place. In short, you can get a deeper and more thorough understanding of business customers with Salesforce Customer 360. It will ultimately allow businesses to provide extraordinary service.

What is Salesforce 360?

Salesforce 360 is a complete Salesforce platform that combines all departments in an organization and their relationships with sales, marketing, and customer service teams into a single CRM. Businesses can provide customized and real-time experiences to consumers.

If you run a B2B or B2C firm, you already understand the importance of good departmental communication to build stronger connections with prospects or customers. Have you needed help with timely response and coordination issues to your consumer’s needs within your business?

You don’t have to worry much because, with Salesforce, you can resolve all issues, offer various opportunities to better brand image and increase sales. Numerous work teams cross paths when a company creates direct contact with consumers. Whether in sales, marketing, or customer service, all employees use customer data in multiple channels. Companies should always ensure these interactions are properly coordinated for an enhanced experience.

What Solutions are Included in Salesforce Customer 360?

Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics, and many more are included in Salesforce Customer 360. Businesses can choose any solution from Salesforce 360 according to their unique brand needs.

This platform will help you manage the complete enterprise operation chain, from sales to marketing and service. The more apps you have, the easier it turns to handle business processes.

1.      Sales Cloud

You can use Sales Cloud to manage sales and customer team relationships. It will assist you in tracking customers’ latest progress and closing more deals instantly. Sales Cloud is the core platform brands can use to convert leads, manage sales, and automate sales.

2.      Service Cloud

Want to enjoy effective and personalized support service? Service Cloud is the real deal for you. Its smart automation technologies allow a brand to reply to clients faster and enable successful solution delivery swiftly.

3.      Marketing Cloud

With Marketing Cloud, get all the necessary tools to create a cohesive and useful marketing plan for your business. In addition, it’s possible to tailor make each consumer’s experience through this platform. You can access client behavior data for analysis to make strong marketing strategies with better customer understanding.

Benefits of Salesforce 360

·         Data Unification

Enterprises must unify the collected customer data to build inclusive user profiles and give a rich experience. The user profiles deal with the aspects and elements of marketing through the help of customer needs and behaviours. Furthermore, businesses can focus closely on specific goals with Salesforce 360.

When you focus on each dynamic sector of a brand, it benefits your organization the most. Salesforce Customer 360 has made data unification easier and simpler to understand and exclude complexities. Additionally, this tool will help brands to focus on the main areas of business and work solely on that.

·         Smooth Consent Management

If you want to build and expand your enterprise, offering authenticated services is the key. A business should look closely at various regulations and validations to ensure its brand’s credibility. One of the main regulations that fall under is GDPR.

Getting data from multiple sources is consensual and comes with certain regulations. Consent Management is the method where the access and denial of consent are decided. Salesforce 360 offers a comprehensive solution that handles the requesting, granting, managing, and denying the content consent associated with your business. This smart solution will end up saving the image in the market.

·         Optimized Service through Einstein Insights

It has been proven through expert knowledge that retailers can run a smooth business if they understand their customers and offer a user-friendly environment in the early stages of business establishment. However, it requires more work to maintain largely increasing changes manually as it demands calculating the interaction between customers and your system.

Salesforce Customer 360 provides a captivating integration of Einstein Insights to cope with such challenges. It helps improve business performance and elevates it to a higher level of success. With these insights, it’s possible to define when and how to interact with consumers to achieve better trading conduct.

The artificially intelligent platform can efficiently upgrade the attitude of customer profiles to enable the evaluation and collection of user data. The predicted assistance of customer 360 can result in enhanced customer profile updates.

·         Artificially Intelligent Solution

An expanding e-commerce business reaches a point where it needs to spread across the marketplace to target a relevant audience. It helps them come across potential leads interested in a business’s services.

Salesforce 360 contains the most efficient and profitable working principles of AI that is helpful in the betterment of your enterprise. With this tool, your users will automatically get relevant recommendations and suggestions. Your sales teams can closely look at customer activities and offer quality results through Customer 360 integration.

·         Powerful Use of Customer Data

Salesforce Customer 360 greatly strengthens a business’s customer data used to build future profitable strategies. The improved data can assist in building reliable solutions for your brand that outline customers’ general behaviour. This process will help you stay informed on upcoming challenges. Your team can use this powerful solution to prepare for these challenges and instantly resolve every query.

You can ensure your business development through planned modules using the principles of Customer 360. The result of these strategies will surely satisfy your clients’ needs. Furthermore, if you want a smart and successful business, then Salesforce 360’s AI tools can get you there.

·         Dependable Privacy

Consent management impacts the privacy of data on a huge scale. Businesses not only have to ensure the protection of data but also avoid giving access to unauthorized entities. This dynamic tool is one the safest platform for data protection of business users.

·         Improved Development Process

Brands can seamlessly enhance development and boost productivity through Salesforce Customer 360. Connecting applications, devices, and data without requiring manual effort are possible.

·         Engaging Audience Interaction

Salesforce 360 allows enterprises to engage their audience in real-time and monitor accurate solutions or data sets. You will have the power to better the customer experience with personalized business solutions and a friendly environment.

Since Customer 360 is integrated with several other applications of Salesforce, you’ll get services that can efficiently build unified consumer profiles. Furthermore, brands can connect with numerous data sources for reliable results.

How is Salesforce 360 Useful for Businesses?

It’s tough and scary to introduce new technology to an enterprise. Nevertheless, you should trust Salesforce solutions for the betterment of your own business, and here are the reasons why:

·         Enhance User Experience

80% of consumers expect a consistent and reliable experience. But with distinct sales, customer support, and marketing, achieving that aim takes a lot of work. A centric technology that links all business departments will allow a better-aligned workflow to fulfill client expectations. As a result, every team will collaborate better and ultimately offer an enhanced user experience.

·         Offer a Unique Experience

To establish long-term relationships and trust with clients, it’s crucial to understand and recognize customer needs. Using Customer 360, a business’s teams can meet and exchange information to make customized marketing campaigns. With this approach, your enterprise can outshine the competition and offer a unique experience seamlessly.

·         Help Enterprises Expand and Succussed

Salesforce Customer 360 evolves and grows with the brand. This strong platform can fulfill every demand of small or major businesses, leaving them satisfied and successful. With this adaptable and scalable solution, you can expand your business freely.


Salesforce 360 platform is what your business needs to mark your place in the competitive market. Your sales team can do great things. However, you need to provide appropriate tools to them to save time, enhance their productivity, and do their jobs so they can offer their best services. If you still need an advanced technical solution, we suggest you go for Salesforce 360.

Customer 360 is an exceptional tool for bettering the commercial area and taking your enterprise to unattainable levels of productivity, sales, and success with the help of its extensive functionality, including opportunity and lead management, sales collaboration, and more features.

It’s easier to integrate such a comprehensive solution into your business with the guidance of an expert Salesforce Consultant. Innovadel Technologies is a well-known Salesforce 360 Consultant company offering its services for over a decade. You can reach out to our consultants and clarify your concerns. We promise our experts will guide you to a path that will lead you to success. Get in touch today!

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