Salesforce AppExchange – A Comprehensive Guide

Salesforce has a firm hold on the CRM world with its quality range of offerings and unique solutions. It is a de-facto platform for brands aiming to improve their business processes and customer experiences. Salesforce is trending because it offers integration-ready and customized solutions easily incorporated into an organization’s unique requirements. AppExchange is a Salesforce solution, and around 70% of users utilize AppExchange applications.

Salesforce AppExchange runs the document signing process, enhances security, makes maintenance permissions simpler, and assists in closing deals faster. No matter what your business requirements are, AppExchange applications have the capabilities to fulfill them all.

What is Salesforce AppExchange?

Salesforce AppExchange is a well-known enterprise marketing where businesses can get consultancy services and cloud-commuting apps. This platform is an easy-stop solution for customers to get applications and industry-specific services for their Salesforce implementation needs.

AppExchange can offer top-notch consults for CRM and finding or installing pre-configured apps. It provides enterprise solutions in easily installable applications. In addition, you can get a wide range of solutions, such as single-use cases and complete automation applications.

Why do Salesforce Developers and Organizations Build Applications for AppExchange?

AppExchange marketplace has top-notch applications for Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Analytics, and more available. Organizations and Salesforce developers must publish their Salesforce solutions on Salesforce AppExchange.

You can better your conversions by presenting Salesforce extensions to a significant but relevant professional marketplace. There is also Salesforce Partner Community that brands can join to access Partner Business Companies. This organization will let you maintain the Distribution and Sale of your apps, and it will evolve with Salesforce too.

You can track Metrics for your application and browse other applications through user-friendly layouts. Salesforce can add adverts for your specific application in its monthly AppExchange Digest Mail, which helps reach a bigger audience.


Ready-to-install Salesforce AppExchange Solutions

Salesforce AppExchange offer over 5,000 applications that are available for integration with a business’s existing Salesforce configurations. You can read about some of the AppExchange apps provided to consumers.

  • Apps

AppExchange offers thoroughly tested and pre-built solutions available to install for customers on Salesforce org implementation. There’s an option to get free and paid applications with numerous categories targeted at business processes, use cases, and industries.

  • Bolts

Bolts are business-specific templates developed by an ecosystem of enterprise partners and communities. Salesforce offers this solution that assists organizations in getting to the top of the market quickly. Lightning Blots contain unique applications, communities, process flows, and lightning components. You can integrate all these solutions with the existing Salesforce CRM of your company. Bolts are considered a part of the solutions agreement with consulting partners.

  • Components

Salesforce consumers can get various benefits from Lightning-based development and UI/UX. AppExchange provides numerous predefined lightning components that businesses can add to their applications or pages through simple drag and drop. These apps can reduce your internal development team’s time and overall efforts.

  • Flow Solutions

AppExchange provides pre-built and configurable process automation flows. These processes can integrate with existing workflow automation logic regardless of using complex code. Customers can download or install these business processes with the flow templates to better their capabilities.

  • Lightning Data

Salesforce AppExchange offers lightning data with pre-integrated, approved, and saleable solutions. It helps to automate data functions, e.g., filtering, scoring, duplication, and more. This solution lets end-users focus on the main competencies and enhances business prospects.

How Can Businesses Get Started with AppExchange?

If you want your application to be listed on the Salesforce AppExchange, then follow the process below.

1.      Join Partner Community

Salesforce Partner Community is a platform businesses can use to join and collaborate with professionals and get to know industry-wide quality practices. Join the Partner Community is the first step that will enable you to obtain the resources of free partner organizations. You can access numerous applications such as the license management app, order management app, environment hub, and more.

2.      Develop AppExchange Application

Organizations can build applications based on their unique ideas using quality tools. You should design a smart strategy to solve problems and develop applications accordingly. The development contains multiple steps, for example, coding, building lighting components, building apex classes, and fixing custom settings through exclusive development methodology.

Once ready, you can migrate the developed application components to a packaging organization through IDE. Businesses can finalize the app after building a managed package with the help of available features.

3.      Review Application Security

Security is an essential part of the success of an application, and customers prefer an app that can protect confidential business data. You should follow these steps before publishing any app on AppExchange to maintain proper security protocol:

  • Build

You must review all security needs and ensure your app fulfills all compliance parameters and security standards of AppExchange.

  • Test

Assess the app’s security characteristics and ensure it meets security review specifications.

  • Free trial

It is a good move to provide a free trial of your application before launching.

  • Launch

After ensuring all crucial parameters, you can list and launch your application on AppExchange.

4.      Make the AppExchange Listing

Making an easy but creative AppExchange listing is essential to improve application visibility and connect with prospective clients.

  • Enable your listing access.
  • Ensure to link managed package to the AppExchange listing.
  • Attentively fill in and indulge your listing information.
  • Include carousel screenshots, call-to-action slides, and demo videos.
  • Ensure to add a pricing plan for your application.
  • Lay out primary use cases, SEO keywords, and target audience.

5.      Customer Support and App License Management

It’s time to sell your application, and you can provide the following licensing option to users.

  • User License:

The user license will allow a limited number of employees to use the application.

  • Site License:

Site license grant all employees within an organization utilize the app.

  • Free Trial:

The free trial lets all customers use a certain level of features free for a short period.

  • Free service:

It’s possible to provide a free application and a solution to clients.

Selling the application is the first step, but you should offer technical and professional customer support to gain loyalty. This client support lifecycle can improve customer experience:

  • Consumer Success Planning:

Businesses should conduct a comprehensive analysis to discover all the challenges consumers may experience. It will help them provide solutions to overcome such problems.

  • Troubleshooting:

It’s essential to address every issue a customer reports and fix it as soon as possible. Only some applications exist that are error-free, but quick responses to issue resolution can enhance customer credibility.

  • Release Management:

Create a smart plan for releasing application updates to ensure your application is functional and secure. A proper communication strategy should be available to make every customer aware of all upgrades.

Popular Application on Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange has various applications that are enough to fulfill all kinds of business needs and help enhance customer experience. Here are some of the most famous apps that are available on AppExchange.

  • Marketing

Mailchimp is a marketing application that is quite popular among consumers. It lets you send, create, automate, and report CRM communication campaigns.

  • Finance

The Blackthorn Payment application helps run mobile-supported payments. In addition, PayPal and Stripe are available to furnish OCI-compliant and ACH credit card subscriptions and fees.

  • HR Management

AppExchange has quality Recruiting Apps that help companies gather information about users and track all open positions.

  • Integration

There is a application that is one of the best Salesforce Cloud solutions. This app can import, update, and expert Salesforce data.

  • Analytics

If you need to roll up data such as min, max, percent, etc., then the Rollup Helper app can help you without much coding.

Customer Service

DocuSign eSignature app is a big win. It has all eSignature solutions for sending, tracking, signing, and saving essential documents within seconds.

  • ERP

Zenkraft multi-carrier is a smart application that lets customers send and track packages. Furthermore, it has an extensive range of shipping vendors within Salesforce CRM that is helpful for users.

  • Sales

Trail tracker is an AppExchange application that is available for free. Users can learn rugged Salesforce dashboard features on Trailhead like an adventure game.


Salesforce AppExchange is a robust platform that provides thousands of smart applications. With the help of these apps, businesses can revolutionize workflows and processes. By incorporating many innovative functionalities, you can improve and transform your enterprise environment through such applications.

AppExchange has the unprecedented technical support of all the developer communities and many software vendors. They are continuously offering services to better their application ecosystem. With thousands of applications, there is still a chance of a heavy influx of additional app vendors in the future.

However, it’s sometimes challenging to pick the right app for your CRM environment when there are loads of solutions available. But that’s not a problem businesses should worry about because Innovadel can help them.

Innovadel Technologies is a trustworthy and well-known Salesforce AppExchange Consulting Partner with a decade-long experience. Our expert team can help you find the perfect AppExchange design and implementation solutions for your business. We promise to find an application that fits your budget and requirement and guarantees success.

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