Salesforce Commerce Cloud vs Magento

It’s a fact that digital experience for customers has become essential. To thrive in your eCommerce enterprise, it’s necessary to utilize cutting-edge technology. Businesses that don’t improve online sales stay behind, and spam fails in the market. Are you looking for the best eCommerce platform to take your business to the next level? If yes, let me tell you the two best digital platforms that fit your search. It includes 0Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magneto. Don’t stress out; we will help you find a solution that works better for your needs.

If you recently started an eCommerce site and want a powerful eCommerce platform to strengthen your digital side of the business, then these two solutions are perfect. Let’s study which platform will work better for your business needs.

Do You Know Which Platform is Right for You?

It has been a challenging debate about which platform is right throughout these years. These two are highly helpful for online businesses. You can up your business game through smooth customer interaction using these quality software solutions.

Furthermore, both platforms function on the cloud, reducing data loss or storage risk. Understandably, you feel overwhelmed while choosing between these breakthrough technologies. So, let’s discuss some best features that will enable you to select a quality eCommerce platform.

Best Features of Magento

Magento leads the eCommerce market, where businesses of all sizes across the globe use it for their eCommerce stores. It is an open-source and flexible eCommerce platform that makes online stores highly customizable. Apart from that, Magento has loads of benefits as well that include:

Business Intelligence

It’s possible to quickly obtain customer data through Magento eCommerce so you can better understand clients’ behavior. That’s why the information is good to frame quality processes and improving customer experience. Furthermore, you can utilize the Magento business intelligence tools to find out top customers and the expert performing products and campaigns.

Simplified Retail Solution

Understandably, eCommerce stores are difficult to manage. But what if you get a simplified process for yourself? Magneto makes sure to turn the online store into a flexible and scalable place for better business. It’s possible to design your online space to represent your brand better.

Customers like the user interface because that’s easier for them to understand. The interface offers a quick checkout option with the shipping choice that reduces the hurdles of online shopping. In addition, the Magento eCommerce platform supports various currencies along with languages that make payment gateways simple.

Flexible Hosting

Get the option of flexible hosting through the Magento eCommerce tool. Although, opting for cloud storage is also available. It will offer you customizable solutions to ensure all customers are satisfied.

Mobile-Friendly Solution

Mobile browsing is quite common in this age, so it’s essential to know that mobile-friendly solutions for your online stores are crucial. It means that your e-store is in the pocket of your customers. You require suitable measures, so customers visit your online store and don’t leave without shopping.

But to achieve this, you need to make your store mobile-friendly. So, Magento provides this exceptional feature and complete website management and support for cross-browser. You should know that it’s essential that for your online store to rank higher on SERPs, you must get the optimization feature that comes with Magento.

Best Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Demandware was the old name for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The difference between Magento and SFCC is that their primary focus is on simplifying the business sales process. It sure is secure and fast with the help of all the built-in features to sell the brand products and market them well.

Best Omni-Channel Solution

Do you want to integrate your physical store with the online retail business? Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the perfect option for it because it offers an absolute Omni-Channel Solution. It will surely enhance the customer experience tremendously, which will drive growth in your business.

Flexibility for Users

Salesforce Commerce Cloud can turn the shopping experience smooth for customers. Through the help of several features that enable the clients to not only purchase but also return products from anywhere. The customers can pay online or pick up products from the physical store, saving lots of time.

SaaS Platform

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is on a Software as a Service platform and plays a fundamental part in cloud computing solutions. This feature provides constant access to real-time data for your enterprise operations.

As a result, the sales management process becomes more effective. Indeed this makes SFCC more reliant than Magento, a Platform as a Service (SaaS).

Site Management

Similar to Magento, SFCC also offers a quality-built Content Management System, Search Engine Optimization, and Operations Management System. In short, with Salesforce, your online store will run smoothly because you don’t need expert programming to make it work on the backend.

The software is highly compatible with the operating systems that run on all widely used devices. It helps your business achieve a wider reach.

Customized Shopping Experience

Using analytics, SFCC offers personalized purchasing experiences to its customers by analyzing their behavior on the website. It helps manage content attractive to a particular type of user liking. Unlike Magnets, it helps improve the in-store purchasing experiences as well. Store assistants can use the software to showcase various products to clients using different mobile applications.

Magneto vs Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cost


You can get two versions within Magento: Open source and commerce. Magento open source is free, which means users can download the software from their website and configure it according to their needs. If you select Magento open source, you’ll pay costs for additional integrations and extensions in case you want to buy any.

On the other hand, Magento Commerce offers a paid version. The yearly plan will cost you $23,000 per year. Furthermore, if you want to purchase the platform, you may also need website development services ranging from $150k to $1m. It all depends on the required work amount and its complexity. In addition to that location and reputation of the agency may also affect the prices.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

SFCC works concerning the model GMV where the cost of the solution relays on the business size and the enterprise’s turnover. As the software charges the customers according to their needs, it becomes hard to give one exact figure.

However, the approximate figure in the market is roughly $300k to $750k for businesses that make around $20 million. But don’t rely on this figure and approach an expert consultant to understand the prices better.

Magneto vs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Support

It’s impossible not to get breakdowns or complications while using a tool that can result in a lot of damage to your enterprise. That’s the reason customer support should be a top priority for online businesses.

You can get on-demand and application support with Magento for commerce business. As a retail owner, you have the authority to choose the settings or get professional help from Magento whenever you feel struck.

On the other hand, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is better at providing customer support with load balancing and professional assistance. You won’t have to worry a bit while facing sales peaks or other emergency circumstances because SFCC will cover it all.

Final Verdict

You have a detailed outline of both platforms that gives you enough information to decide which one to choose. To do that, you must ask yourself a few essential questions. Is my e-commerce business working in good condition? Is my layout appealing enough for customers? Do I have a user-friendly interface?

You should proceed if you have a “yes” answer to all the questions mentioned above. Now is the time when you can build a better relationship with your client base. To achieve that, SFCC is quite beneficial. It is helpful to use Salesforce when your enterprise is succeeding or making consistent sales.

If your answer is “No, ” you should choose Magento as your eCommerce platform. It’s simple and easy to use that help the retailer better your site through attractive layouts. In addition to that, you can efficiently perform style upgrades along with SEO and content management systems.

Furthermore, you can find companies that benefit from both platforms. But remember one main thing that you should evaluate your requirements carefully before finalizing anything.

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