Salesforce Consulting Partner

Having the right Salesforce Consulting Partner by your side can bring many benefits to your business’s digital transformation process. Around 650+ Salesforce Partners list is available globally, offering implementation and consulting services.

That means you need to find a reliable yet hardworking Salesforce Partner that fits your business needs and could present you with a modified solution. Are you scared of making a wrong decision based on your poor experience of judgment? Worry no more; with the given vital factors, you will get a decent idea of selecting the right Partner.

Why Does a Business Require a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

Salesforce develops exceptional business solutions. However, the company doesn’t provide client services to personalize, implement, and maintain the software. But, enterprises can take charge of implementation unless they know everything about Salesforce.

In addition, your company should have a strong in-house IT team to help customize the solution to your needs. Beware that implementation requires a long period and stress to create a perfect solution. To avoid the anxiety of this whole process, companies must use Salesforce consulting partners to implement Salesforce solutions.

For that, you should look for software consultants who deeply understand all Salesforce modules, costs, capabilities, and effectiveness. Salesforce Consulting Partners offers various services such as implementation, customized integrations, configuration, and quality ongoing support.

Salesforce Consulting Partner

Salesforce Consulting Partner

Tips to Choose the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner

Active engagement and expertise in a technical field are required to implement Salesforce solutions. That’s the sole reason why companies look for Salesforce Implementation Partners. Based on a report by CIO, around 18-69% of CRM Implementation Projects crash because of data-quality problems, inadequate project management, and impractical expectations.

It’s obvious to consider a few things before starting a CRM project, for example, budget, migration costs, and other factors. Therefore, organizations must utilize Salesforce Consulting Companies’ expertise to increase Salesforce investment.

Companies must ensure that they choose the perfect Salesforce Partners list from multiple available options in the Salesforce ecosystem. You can’t possibly decide which one to choose without expert help so you can take points from these tips.

Industry Research

Some questions can help you in industry research. Such as, Does the Demandware Partner has experience working with other enterprises within your industry? Can the Salesforce Implementation Partners offer testimonials for related organizations?

In most cases, businesses don’t have unique needs and can find similar solutions that other industry fellows have adopted in the past. You can look for case studies related to your industry vertical to get a better perspective. Find out your competitors who recently adopted Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Official forums like the trailblazer community or other groups help advise how to become a Salesforce Consulting Partner or choose the right one. In addition, you can request them for reviews of different implementation methodologies, Partners, ROI, and time required for adopting new technology.

Ask Salesforce

If you need professional help, your assigned Account Executive can assist with the certified Salesforce partner companies that fit your project well. Salesforce experts are backing up Account Executives that can help you match with the Salesforce partner through business processes and other techniques.

Apart from these sources, you will find various vocal Salesforce admins on social media sites along with Technology Forums that help you with questions related to implementation challenges, certain features of products, and app feasibility.

Never Select the First Option

It’s certainly easier to choose the first vendor or the one who offers a convincing business proposal. However, if you’re a fresher in CRM, you should use the good old-school business strategy. That includes evaluating expertise on paper, demo proposals, Proof of Concept, and relevant studies.

An established consulting partner will defiantly have a proper plan of action for new customers, and they will approach your project systematically. They will understand your needs by taking the time and defining SLAs beforehand to start the project.

Identify Salesforce Certifications

Always choose a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner. It’s a fact that Salesforce now has a strong and quality certification program that provides credentials for Consultants, Administrators, Marketers, and Architects.

Based on the number of experts on board, awarded partners, and registered and strategic partners, you should select which option to go for.

Technical Expertise

It is imperative to ensure that the Salesforce Consultant has the technical expertise required to handle your business. That expertise includes providing solution customizations, integration, and much more.

Ongoing Support

Regardless of how good a Partner offers a Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Salesforce Commerce Cloud service if they don’t provide ongoing support, then you must reconsider. After the initial engagement, you may require on and off-solution support from the Salesforce Consultant.

Cost is a Factor

You should know that Salesforce Projects are not cheap; that’s why look for the most economical option when it comes to choosing Salesforce Implementation Partner. Hence, whoever makes the decision should look for a time-efficient and comprehensive consultant.

It’s common among organizations to have unreal expectations regarding some implementation parts, and that’s why they either fail or have extra expenses.

You should adopt a reliable way to estimate the implementation budget that calculates total ownership cost. That includes the cost of the product services, team labor, licenses, and long-term expenses of maintaining the software.

Choose Long-Term Engagement

Business-critical implementations and internal resources aren’t specifically expert Salesforce certified, and that’s because it is wise to associate yourself with a Salesforce Partner that can support the business throughout the process, such as from implementation to evolution.

You will find an inbuilt mechanism in Salesforce Partner companies for actively identifying dangers prior to the loss. Therefore, you must choose long-term engagement when you have customer-based businesses.

Proven Methodology

Have you selected your Partner yet? If yes, then ask yourself these questions before you move any further. Once both sides have agreed based on the scope of work, you should discuss the execution of work.

It may include all stakeholders’ responsibilities, contingency plans, and SLAs regarding some facts from the very beginning.

Additional Capabilities

There are some basic and prominent features that Salesforce Consulting companies offer, but apart from that, you should look for additional capabilities. Knowing what other abilities, the Partner is bringing within the offer is essential.

Are they experienced enough to offer solutions for other products you utilize for your business? Every organization wants a Partner that can refine and increase sales and help them achieve marketing goals through their expertise.

Why Choose Innovadel?

Innovadel is a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner and is considered one of the ranking consultant companies in the UK and USA that offer high-quality and reliable solutions. We have an expert team of certified Salesforce developers, consultants, and administrators that handles multiple customers flawlessly. Our primary focus is delivering excellence in minimum time with a promise of changing the digital representation of your platform five times better.

Final Thoughts

A systematic strategy is essential to finalize the perfect fit Salesforce Consulting Partner for your enterprise. Define project requirements and ensure everyone who will be involved in the customer experience should have an understanding of the implementation process. It will lead to supreme business performance and better teamwork.