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Salesforce CRM allows all industries to get more deals, maintain and manage the business efficiently, and ensure solid and loyal customer relationships. To offer better strength to sales, business growth, and customer relationships, Salesforce Sales Cloud came to life. With the help of high-quality features and accessible deals, Sales Cloud helps enterprises to grow more instantly and effectively.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM system or, in other words, a Customer Relation Management system that assists sales teams in controlling their customers and business processes. The system offers a central database of consumer information that sales representatives use to track customer interactions.

Sales Cloud provides various tools to help the sales teams manage their pipeline, including the details about tracking deals and forecasting. Through Salesforce Sales Cloud, the sales team can perform and manage customers better and close deals faster. After using this tool, businesses can boost their growth and sales effectively.

How can Sales Cloud Benefit Your Enterprise?

Increase Your Revenue

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses need to adopt ever-changing trends continuously. Sales Cloud can assist businesses in increasing revenue by offering the latest insights and tools. It helps identify leads and opportunities to close more deals in a short time.

Offer Support and Help

Enterprises must provide quality support at every step, and Salesforce Sales Cloud can offer such a service. Sales Cloud can handle initial business setup to manage ongoing support expertly. Using this valuable tool, organizations can succeed in today’s cruel market.

Enable Virtual Selling

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides virtual selling, which has become essential for businesses in the current market. Enterprises should stay connected to the online world and ensure to enable virtual selling. It will reduce the constant worry of not connecting with your remote sales team.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud- Perfect Solution for your In-House Team

Better Skill Set for Your Team

Using an appropriate and efficient solution, your team can enhance their skill set better than ever. With a boost in productivity during the entire sales cycle, the sales representatives can succeed without working too hard.

  • Create deeper relationships with your customers from anywhere through a virtual connection.
  • Learn more, get a comprehensive view of consumers, and unify sales activities to better the selling scope.
  • Manage processes easier with tools and adopt the latest remote collaboration to motivate your team.

Enhanced Processes

Help your sales staff create the choice throughout the sales process regardless of whether it’s the first time or every subsequent time.

  • Gather all your information on a single platform through any source and get data analysis quickly. You can monitor or track easily and make critical decisions faster.
  • Meet all of your business goals on a flexible platform.
  • Get all your pipeline data within one place and spot gaps to drive predictable results.

You can use the following products to scale up your business processes:

  • Salesforce Maps
  • CRM Analytics
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Sales Cloud Einstein

Accelerate Revenue

  • We customize buying experiences for business customers.
  • Streamline transactions, data, and records to enhance revenue performance.
  • Use solutions to fit various revenue models.

You can utilize these products to boost your revenue:

  • CPQ & Billing
  • Revenue Cloud
  • Partner Relationship Management

Key Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Mobile Sales Solution

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers a quality mobile sales solution that assists the sales team remain connected and efficient while working. It gives users access to crucial sales features and data to remotely manage opportunities, log calls, and track dashboards.

In addition, with Salesforce, you can customize the experience according to your brand. It’ll make it easier for sales reps to find the data they require so it can scale up revenue and close more deals for your business.

Process Automation

Sales Cloud functions contain powerful process automation skills that help you automate and design business processes through the ease of drag-and-drop. Visual Workflow is also valuable for instantly making and automating processes for discounts, discounts, special deals, expenses, and much more.

Flexible approvals processes allow you to customize approvals to get multiple types of transactions and deals. With the help of Sales Cloud, it’s possible to close deals effectively and align your entire organization around your customer priorities.

Contact and Account Management

Users get everything they need to manage and maintain their accounts and contacts with Salesforce Sales Cloud. The solution gives clients a complete view of their customers, such as key contacts and activity history.

Customers have the option to communicate through Salesforce Sales Cloud by using social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. It also offers insights from the social media platforms to users within the software. That helps clients stay updated on new customer information and also assists them in making informed decisions regarding the consideration of their sales strategies.

Opportunity Management

This software provides a comprehensive overview of your team’s sales through Opportunity Management. It helps you view the stage, competitions, products, quotes, etc. You can stay connected to the people around the organization and provide the information required to close deals.

Opportunity Management is an excellent tool for sales teams that help them stay focused and organized throughout critical sales processes. If you have this tool, you can, without a doubt, double your closing deal rate in no time.

Lead Management

Lead Management gives you the authority to track leads through click-to-close. It helps you make your campaigns better across all channels. Using this information, you will tend to make reasonable and smart decisions regarding where to utilize your marketing efforts.

The lead management features allow you to access the data required to enhance your sales representatives’ performance. It will also guide your business toward instant growth.

Reports and Dashboard

Sales Cloud has several reports and dashboards to offer a real-time example of your business. The Dashboards functionality provides a detailed overview of your enterprise, while reports allow you to get a dipper picture of specific areas within your business.

You can access all reports and dashboards from anywhere using your devices, making it simple to stay informed regardless of where you live. It’s easier to share this data with your team members through Sales Cloud within the organization so everyone stays updated and there’s no confusion.

Forecast Management

Sales Cloud is the best tool for the sales team of any company. Forecast management and the pipeline are prominent features of Salesforce Sales Cloud. Through this function, it’s possible to get a real-time view of the current health of a business, stay UpToDate on the team’s pipeline, and better forecast accuracy. All this is possible through custom KPIs, in-line editing skills, etc.


Being a Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner, Innovadel had the opportunity to provide excellent Sales Cloud services to clients. There’s no doubt that Sales Cloud is a potent tool. However, it’s a challenging process, and you would need a professional consultant like us to unlock the full potential of Sales Cloud.

Our team has helped our clients simplify their sales processes, collaborate between teams, better communication, and close many deals. In case you’re interested or currently using Sales Cloud, then we’re here to help. Contact our Salesforce experts today to get a better idea about Sales Cloud.

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