Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Highlights

Guess what? Winter’s knocking on the door, and so is the upcoming Salesforce Winter Release 2024. It’s like the tech version of getting cozy with new features by the fire. October 16, 2023, was the date of the General Availability of the Winter ’24 Release. As expected, it’s a bag full of goodies for businesses.

This release isn’t just about adding more buttons; it’s about making your tech life secure, efficient, and easy! Some of the highlights include Einstein for Service, Sales Emails, Data Cloud Triggered Flows, Slack Sale Elevate, Salesforce Backup, and a cherry on top Pay Now for Salesforce Starter. Think of it as getting various new tools to make your Salesforce experience smoother than a sled on fresh snow. So, let’s explore the Winter ’24 Release’s major highlights!

Exciting Features in Salesforce Winter ’24 Release

The Winter ’24 release is a gift with loads of goodies for both users and developers. Users can now enjoy the Intelligence View for contact and lead activities, better accessibility with improved icon color contrast, and more cool stuff. Admins get to play with features like Einstein Activity Capture reporting, MFA auto-enablement, and better permission set management. Developers, on the other hand, will notice changes in the setup domain, NFC readability, biometrics integration, and more techie tweaks.


So, why does it matter? Well, this release is like a quality-of-life booster for Admins, Consultants, and Devs. It makes life easier for everyone involved, reduces the need for super custom solutions, and makes it a breeze to connect with other platforms. Also, users get a better interface. So, it’s a win-win!

For Users

Check Out ‘Intelligence View’ and Colorful Changes in Salesforce!

Now, when you visit Contact and Lead home, it’s not just about lists. The ‘Intelligence View’ lets you see what contacts and leads are up to, take action, and update stuff; all in one handy spot.


And guess what? Salesforce got a style upgrade! Icons now pop with better colors, making everything easier on the eyes. It’s like a fresh coat of paint for your Salesforce experience!

For Admins

Einstein Reporting on Captured Activities

Explore data games with Einstein Activity Capture Reporting! Now, you can whip up some insightful reports on the activities it captures, adding a whole new layer to your reporting game. Email productivity tools, including send later, email tracking, text shortcuts, and email engagement, just got a promotion; they’re all free now!

MFA Auto-Enablement and Enforcement in Salesforce

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) auto-enablement is still in full swing, and now, with Summer ’24, MFA enforcement kicks in. It’s like giving your Salesforce fortress an extra layer of protection. Make sure your users are on the security train; if you haven’t enabled MFA yet, now’s the time!

Easy-Peasy Permission Set Management

Managing permissions just got a whole lot simpler! Introducing the Beta Permission Set View, where handling Object/Field Permissions and Permission Set Groups is simple. Bonus feature: now you can also see the API Names of Fields and Objects on permission sets.

Smooth Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting errors just got a whole lot easier with the new “Recalculate” button in Permission Set Groups. It’s like having a quick-fix button for smoother sailing in the world of permissions.

Easily Transfer Dashboard Ownership

Now you can seamlessly transfer ownership without the hassle of cloning. It’s like a smooth handoff of the dashboard reins. Simplify transfer and keep the data flowing!

Boost Flow Capabilities

Flows just got an upgrade with the all-new “Transform” element. Now, you can shape and mold data like never before; casting, transforming, and performing magic with formulas.

Create Reactive Flows

Reactivity is officially out of beta, waving goodbye to the days of calling in Dev for an LWC. Now, create awesome flows with the full support of Global Variables, Selections, more Formulas, and the beta edition of Display Text components.

Preserve Values in Flows

No more losing your way. Now, recover from errors or paused flows without losing the values you had on the screen.

Custom Error Messages

Custom error messages are here to simplify your life. No more intricate flag field rules or calling in the devs for Apex Trigger errors.

APIs Integration Made Easy

Tired of complex Apex integrations? Experience simplicity with the new HTTP Callout action in Flows. Connecting with APIs just got a whole lot smoother.

Simplified Flow Management

Save your flows without setting up all the elements right away. While you can’t activate them yet, it’s a step towards a more flexible and stress-free flow management.

Salesforce Winter '24 Release2

For Developers

Salesforce Setup on Domain Migration

Salesforce Setup is moving towards a new domain. If your company has an Allowlist, send them a quick email to avoid being locked out of the system.

Boost LWC Offline Capabilities

With enhanced Lightning Web Components (LWC) Offline capabilities, developers can explore NFC Readability and Biometrics Integration. Now, you can attach images to the record and even search for records offline on your mobile.

Updates of Salesforce ID Structure

Salesforce IDs just got a facelift. There’s a minor tweak in the structure, with server IDs now flaunting an extra character (from 2 to 3). One small change has, a big impact, especially for one of the characters that used to be reserved.

Full APEX Autocomplete Retirement

The Full APEX Autocomplete feature is stepping down from the developer console. It’s taking a bow due to its resource-intensive nature which marks a small step towards the eventual retirement of the dev console.

Other Salesforce New Release Features & Highlights

Let’s have a look at some other Salesforce Winter ’24 Release highlights:


Now, you can explore Tableau views in CRM Analytics with custom filters. Discover enhancements in Slack’s Home tab and new slash commands. Also, you can share reports on mobile devices with one-click widget interactions.

Commerce Cloud

Enhancement for Salesforce Commerce Cloud includes new features for B2B and D2C Commerce, Omnichannel Inventory, Salesforce Order Management, and Salesforce Payments.


Now, users can report on custom permission set & permission set group assignments. Utilize Dynamic Forms on more LWC-enabled standard objects.

Data Cloud

Manage feature availability in your account. Users can enable Data Cloud objects and insights on Contact or Lead fields. Explore expanded record home page view customizations.


Now, you can work with new and updated AI-powered features across various Salesforce Clouds. Einstein Generative AI innovations for increased productivity.

Experience Cloud

Connect the improved LWR site to any workspace and share CMS material. Add custom CSS to site components and apply flexible expression-based visibility rules.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud for personalized customer journeys and impactful 1:1 interaction. Now, you can plan and customize unique customer experiences based on your business goals.


Salesforce Mobile App Plus with enhanced search, swipe actions, list filters, and quick address configuration.


Subscription Management quoting features rollout selectivity. Centralized view of assets for an account and order product conversion to assets.

Sales Cloud

Einstein Conversation Insights for generating call summaries with a single click. Thorough history tracking for teams, opportunity product splits, and opportunity splits.

Salesforce CMS

New Export & Import status tab for content and translation export/import. Publish content from CMS workspaces to enhanced sites and public channels.

Salesforce Flow

Compose intelligent workflows with Flow Builder, OmniStudio, and Flow Orchestration.

Salesforce for Slack Integrations

Seamlessly connect Slack and Salesforce for customer interactions and collaboration.

Service Cloud

New features for customer service agents, including Einstein for Service, Service Intelligence, and Swarming.

Other Salesforce Products and Services

Updates from Customer Success Group, Heroku, and IdeaExchange.

The Bottom Line

In the latest Salesforce Winter ’24 release, it’s all about leveling up the user experience, making life easier for the admins, and handing developers the keys to innovation. They’re cutting through the noise to streamline processes, amp up accessibility, and drop some seriously cool upgrades. If you want to implement Salesforce into your business, contact Innovadel Technologies. We’re certified Salesforce consultants that can help your business reach new heights!