The Ultimate Guide to Order Management System

Online enterprises face loads of challenges while creating a smooth order experience for customers. The reason e-tailers find it difficult is that the Order Management System process doesn’t end when customers click the purchase button. Rather, it is just the beginning.

Businesses hire various agents and build systems to communicate regarding order details throughout and address problems like miscommunication or delays. Moreover, depending on disparate systems and relying on manual entry can result in more errors than solutions.

A streamlined OMS is crucial for making the perfect commerce experience for users throughout the customer buying process. In this guide, we will discuss Salesforce Order Management System in detail. In addition, learn how this smart platform offers a flawless order lifecycle.

What is Salesforce Order Management System?

OMS is a unique tool offered by Sales that lets sellers process orders, track sales, manage inventory and integrate fulfillment. Furthermore, OMS aims to ensure customers get every product on time and rightfully. This extra measure proves orders get delivered as expected, with quick shipping, full order transparency, and timely delivery.

Users’ expectations have increased, while order management has mostly stayed the same throughout the years. Same-day or fastest shipping has become a norm in this age, and customers expect a user-friendly and efficient online buying experience. That’s the sole reason OMS is in high demand that can offer great service on every step, such as placing orders, tracking, and completing processes.

Order Management System Challenges

It’s difficult for most businesses to process, track, and fulfill orders because it’s a time-consuming, tedious, and expensive process,

Here is a variety of challenges that enterprises face between shopping to shipping:

  • Link orders and inventory over all channels
  • Coordinate sales agents and tools to work connectively
  • Accumulate order fulfillment with the help of third-party logistics
  • Tracking through reports and analytics for successful orders

Sellers can experience unpleasant interactions with customers without a unified Order Management System.


er Management System

How Does Salesforce OMS Works?

Online customers of this age want quick and easy shipping, transparent order status, and hassle-free order retunes. It helps them trust a brand when orders arrive on their doorstep every time. One of the major objectives of OMSs is to simplify the order process for better transparency of the complete order lifecycle. An OMS contains online tools, computer software, and business team processes to ensure smooth order processing.

An OMS functions to:

  • Accept payments and orders online
  • Offer timely payment and invoicing processing
  • Track orders from buying to delivery
  • Route packages to the closest warehouse or fulfillment center
  • Offer essential order analytics access to sellers
  • Report stock levels to avoid out-of-stock problems
  • Avoid using incohesive and multiple systems to minimize cost
  • Provide online tracking of orders to buyers

Why do e-tailers Need an Order Management System?

Want to create a perfect unboxing moment for your buyers? Get an Order Management System to eliminate manual bottlenecks, simplify order tracking, offer customers quality service, and ensure fast shipping.

With multiple moving parts, e-tailers face delays and friction in order processing, and OMS can streamline such difficulties efficiently. In addition, shoppers can engage with customer support agents to update and return orders easily through completely integrated OMS. Agents can serve customers better because they no longer need to toggle between numerous systems and screens to address inquiries.

You can read these advantages of implementing an OMS:

  • Allow self-service such as placing, tracking, and canceling orders on own
  • Provide complex shipping schedules
  • Get reports and analytics within one place
  • Connect customer service to commerce
  • Online order fulfillment tracking through 3PL
  • Sequence orders across various sales channels

There’s a possible delay or bottleneck problem at every order processing step. If businesses want to avoid lost orders, cancellations, and unhappy consumers, then OMS is the frictionless solution for you.

Key Points to Consider While Choosing OMS for your Business

All Order Manage Systems are different; hence you should treat them according to the unique needs of each enterprise. Businesses have various products, unique customer bases, and order fulfillment systems. But there are some ground considerations to keep in mind while looking for an order management solution for your brand.

·         Identify your Weakness

If you want to implement a new OMS, the decision is mainly based on your current complex and bad system. Such as, your resources are spending time on manual work like counting inventory, placing orders, or offering customer service. These are quite time-consuming tasks and often result in discontinuity or delays.

You need to pin your business’s pain points to establish the perfect Order Management System that can satisfy your needs. You can start focusing on the issues such as shipping delays, order cancellation, product return process, etc. Making a list of such points will help you ultimately define your object to select a suitable system.

·         Define Business Objectives

When you know what you require, it gets simple to accomplish what sort of OMS you would choose.

Once you know your pain points, you’ll know what you require your new OMS to accomplish. While your brand is small at the moment, however with an effective OMS, you can help convert more sales. With the right OMS, your system grows with business growth.

·         Assess Capabilities

An OMS should consist of several tools or a single software. However, your system should contain the following:

  • Accept orders from various channels
  • Maintain updated inventory levels to avoid out-of-stock
  • Establish shipping schedule to ensure orders dispatches on time
  • Build a system for accepting the return orders
  • Offer self-service to customers for a quality shopping experience
  • Provide order tracking
  • Route orders based on proximity

An OMS needs to connect commerce to your customer service team and let clients access automated support. This sorted option will make it easy for customers to get help whenever needed and let the service team address issues immediately.

Such as, Salesforce Order Management provides a comprehensive order management solution. It can connect service and commerce, process payments online automatically, and maintain returns and cancellations. B2B enterprises can manage orders remotely through a flexible and cloud-based CRM.

With the latest and most powerful tools like Einstein AI, this commerce platform can offer unified experiences for B2B users and their customers. After considering all these points, you should always choose an OMS for your brand; a unified experience is the deal-breaker.

Benefits of Salesforce Order Management System

·         Automate Processes

The major benefit of the Salesforce Order Management system is process automation. That’s because it can save time and minimize the possibility of complexities.

·         Improved Customer Experience

Businesses can instantly identify customers’ purchasing lifecycle through simple tracking details, return requests, and order stock updates. It will help brands address problems related to shopping in real-time through smooth information access.

·         Offer Absolute Data and Analytics to Scale

This tool can link the complete customer lifecycle to a single system to gather data. The collected data can help uncover discoveries within product demand cycles, sales patterns, inventory tracking, and seasonal trends. You can align business goals and company KPIs through this information.

Setting Up OMS for your Business

Salesforce provides a big partner ecosystem that assists enterprises in driving innovation and enhancing their business systems. This platform is the hub for consultation, system integrations, and more. You can get customer access to many beneficial tools and partnerships to help create a unified customer experience.

Innovadel Technologies is a certified Salesforce Order Management consultant that offers quality support to help customers set up Order Management Systems. Our experts can help you customize your OMS that can fit your needs. Trust our team, and we promise you we will assist you in leveraging Salesforce OMS to the fullest.

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