Optimize your Business with Salesforce CRM

There are endless possibilities to customize business solutions within Salesforce CRM, but it takes time to manage everything. Consumers’ expectations are accelerating today, and organizations are trying to keep updated on the latest technologies. But the question is, what sort of technologies and solutions are helpful for your business to achieve this goal? The best-suited technology for all kinds of businesses is the Customer Relationship Management System. Salesforce is a world-leading CRM system, and its optimization can help enterprises to get benchmark data in no time.

Salesforce CRM Features

Salesforce Easy

This specific application brings all Marketing, Sales, and Service tools together to increase efficiency. It provides the following functions:

  • Built-in quality practices
  • Smooth onboarding
  • Quick sales
  • Email outreach
  • Efficient sales
  • Process automation

Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps organizations build and personalize sales pipelines so customers can enjoy a smooth buying experience. The top features of Sales Cloud are as follows that help sells smarter:

  • Maintain all customer data in one place
  • Utilize a 360-degree view of consumers to collaborate
  • Streamline sales process
  • AI-powered tools to ensure deals keep moving

It’s essential to get all the necessary things that a Salesforce business analyst requires to close deals instantly with the help of Sales Cloud solutions.

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions will help brands discover more customers with the help of:

  • Scoring and capturing quality leads
  • Creating meaningful connections from the beginning
  • Building customized pipelines through powerful data insights
  • Optimize and track marketing performance from a single platform

Service Cloud

Provide smarter yet the most customized consumer experience through Salesforce Service Cloud functionality:

  • Productivity tools to ensure faster case resolution
  • Automate admin tasks to better customer support service experience
  • Service cloud can better support the team’s productivity
  • Personalized user support across social and digital channels

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce offers practical and simple features to perform all the following activities for businesses:

  • Maintain all contacts from a single platform for an intelligent selling strategy
  • Track all organizational deals and relationships
  • Ready-to-go tools like Zapier, DocuSign, Dropbox, etc.
  • Quick response to customer queries
  • Salesforce mobile applications

Benefits of Salesforce Optimization for your Business

Innovadel Technologies is an expert Salesforce CRM consultant who can help you benefit from the platform. With the help of our team’s knowledge, when can enhance your overall experience. Let’s walk you through how we can add value to your business by optimizing your Salesforce!



Sales Productivity

Every emerging brand has one goal: to enhance sales productivity. We help clients accomplish their ideal increase in sales productivity through the Salesforce CRM system. Innovadel team works on bettering two main things for organizations- sales efficiency and effectiveness that help to achieve maximum sales productivity.

The key measures taken to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness are:

  • Analyzing sales opportunities through data merging across various departments and getting a complete view of customer journeys.
  • Leveraging Salesforce Einstein powers to get detailed insights into customer profiles. It ultimately helps organizations build strong customer relationships, add value, and qualify leads quickly.
  • Automating all business tasks that will reduce the need to struggle between various systems.

Forecast Accuracy

Getting accurate sales forecasting is a challenging part for many businesses. With the help of our expertise, our clients can get around 50% accuracy through Salesforce CRM in these mentioned ways:

  • We integrate our customer’s business data, sales data, marketing insights, and pipeline data to combine them into a central platform.
  • In addition, we help in inspecting the data through Salesforce optimizing and forecasting tools.
  • Furthermore, we convert the information into actionable insights, e.g., lead conversion percentage, lead-to-consumer ratio, closing sales ratio, lead qualification rate, and more.

These efforts will help organizations plan future actions better, enhance lead quality, and get accurate forecasting sales.

Win Rate

It’s common among sales representatives to remain under pressure constantly to close deals. We help clients to reach their sales win rate with Salesforce CRM solutions in these ways:

  • Streamlining unnecessary processes and assisting clients in finding deals stuck in the pipeline.
  • By analyzing and tracking competitor activities throughout.
  • We guide businesses to grow and develop better relationships with customers and prospects. Furthermore, we maintain a leaderboard that ultimately motivates sales reps to push their efforts more to close deals.

Instant Case Resolution

The key to achieving a full customer satisfaction rate is to minimize the case resolution period. Using Salesforce CRM, we assist our clients in reducing much of case resolution time in these ways:

  • We set and optimize our customer’s Salesforce service cloud. And then by using the service console along with lighting and case management functions to enhance the clients’ customer support service value.
  • We help our clients maintain service level agreements and offer the best customer support they promised.
  • We empower your business’s sales personnel to resolve user complaints personally—this help in reducing the need to get managers involved.
  • Through Salesforce automation and AI features implementation, we assist you in solving customer complaints separately and with a better approach.

Customer Retention

A recent survey shows that an increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profits. It indicates how necessary customer retention is for emerging brands. Innovadel has aided organizations in bettering their customer retention rate. These are some measures that helped us along the way:

  • It’s essential to centralize customer data, such as customer service communications. Transaction histories, etc. It will enable businesses to understand customers’ needs properly. In addition, it’s good to send customized messages to clients through Pardot Dynamic Content.
  • We empower brands to re-engage with consumers using marketing automation features and give them customized recommendations using precision marketing.
  • We help businesses to analyze customer retention strategies through KPIs such as client revenue growth number, churn rate, and consumer lifetime value.
  • Innovadel always goes the extra mile and offers quality guidance in getting the best use of customer feedback. It will improve their service experience.

Lead Conversion

Lead conversion is one of the most complicated yet essential things to bring business growth. However, most businesses need help with handling it. Innovadel experts help brands get most lead conversion rate in the given ways:

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