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The Challenge

Movado Group Inc’s online website needed to allow customers to order online across their network and pick up the item from their preferred location. Being a well-known business, competing against the challenging retail market, and increasing customer expectations, Movado knew this aspect of the offering was essential. They wanted to offer a solution where everything was available to customers to maximize conversion opportunities.

Onboarding BOPIS posed significant challenges for Movado, including managing inventory within their stores, seamless working of this new integration, and more. In addition, Movado had specific needs outside the essential BOPIS integration. Without some necessary documentation, it took time to implement smooth integration.

Innovadel Technologies is a Salesforce Consulting Partner that handled the successful BOPIS integration for Movado. With Innovadel team members’ omnichannel expertise, we were confident we could tackle these challenges well.


The implementation needed to catch up when we started this project seven months back. We needed to make this implementation compatible with today’s retail needs. And let’s be honest about one thing, Innovadel has never done BOPIS integration before Movado. So Innovadel’s expert omnichannel team had to devise a dynamic plan to put everything in the right place. We are a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting Partner with a decade-long experience in the e-commerce business. The challenges were tough but nothing that our experienced team couldn’t handle.

We have a quality infrastructure and solid business rules that got us through it. The first challenge was that there wasn’t enough detailed documentation to build the complete integration Movado required. They wanted a location-based reservation that is separate from BOPIS’s default offering. But after putting together the brilliant minds of our expert team of omnichannel integration, we took a unique and smart strategy.

Our omnichannel team of professionals has years of expertise in implementing various integrations. So, they took their overall experience to resolve every possible issue and found a way to implement BOPIS integration with a customized touch. As a result, not only Innovadel handled all challenges without any trouble, but we also ensured a streamlined solution. For example, customers who scrambled to buy online jewelry can easily pick up their orders via BOPIS and fulfill their orders.


  • The challenges we faced during BOPIS integration are in the past, as we resolved every hurdle easily. However, Movado demanded seamless integration, and Innovadel has fulfilled its demand.
  • Movado is happy as we did a good job. Now they can boost their sales through an ecosystem with a collective inventory.
  • Movado will achieve brand loyalty as customers can pick up packages from their prioritized stores, making their lives much more manageable.
  • The great part about this solution is that customers get flexible options
  • Innovadel now has a firm handle on BOPIS integration and can offer a refined solution for future clients.
  • It will boost overall revenue for Movado as they can manage the inventory better now.

About Innovadel

Founded in 2010, Innovadel is transforming how e-tailers use their stores. With the help of a dedicated team, Innovadel creates an extraordinary shopping experience.