MVMT needed their e-commerce site rebuilt on an agile platform that could help them achieve better fulfillment capabilities, site performance, and a centralized system for all their brands. Innovadel’s goal was to seamlessly migrate their platform to Salesforce Commerce CloudSalesforce Commerce Cloud per their guidelines.

Here are the highlighted reasons why MVMT wanted the migration:



  • They faced site slowness
  • Shopify did not have a robust sandbox/testing/live environment setup & struggled to handle enterprise requirements such as multi-warehouse fulfillment and international business
  • MVMT wanted to consolidate the platform across the group & leverage shared technology and code base for more efficient development & features

Our SFCC experts in this project built a customized e-commerce solution, some from scratch, then employed our customized Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution to meet our client’s retail needs and help them utilize the potential of SFCC.




Although MVMT already had an up-and-running retail platform Shopify, they faced challenges based on their current business needs. MVMT’s other brands were on Commerce Cloud, and they wanted to extend the functionalities and capabilities of this platform.

It was a big re-platforming hence the challenges we faced were also huge.

The migration happened during the high period of Covid. Our team faced challenges such as coordinating with team members & clients remotely and ensuring data security while performing a seamless migration from Shopify to Commerce Cloud.


Gathering UI requirements posed a significant challenge during the SFRA migration due to complexities in aligning existing design elements with the new framework.


The migration’s challenge was integrating multi-currency and multi-languages on Commerce Cloud, hindered by limitations within the existing e-shop platform.


The client’s request posed a challenge in achieving a Minicart experience. The commerce cloud platform didn’t have the capability to enhance and extend to work like a full cart.


The client’s request posed a challenge in achieving a Minicart experience. The commerce cloud platform didn’t have the capability to enhance and extend to work like a full cart.


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our team tackled the migration well by leveraging virtual collaboration tools and online communication to coordinate tasks effectively. Navigating the uncertainties of the pandemic, we remained resilient and dedicated to meeting project deadlines, providing the client with a successful migration.


Innovadel specializes in offering secure and seamless migrations to Commerce Cloud. Innovadel uses a robust migration process that has been sharpening for over a decade, led by our expert team of SFCC developers, architects, data analysts, digital strategists, and project managers.


We encountered various shortcomings during the migration, as SFRA needed default functionalities to fulfill our client’s needs. So, we made many customizations using our expertise to make it work for MVMT. The team had complications in aligning various designs with the new framework, so they went through a lot of front-end engineering to achieve the goal, including Product Details Variation Customization.

The out-of-stock products weren’t clickable with the default commerce cloud platform functionality. That means the MVMT customer wouldn’t be able to view all product variations. Innovadel did a customization to let the MVMT customers click from out-of-the-box options seamlessly.



As we have expertise in SFCC migration, a seamless migration was simple for the team. The team had to make a few efforts to customize and implement the changes efficiently without losing important data.

01 Engineering

Our SFCC team had to build various customized solutions such as PLP Filters Customization, PLP Product Tiles Customization, Product Details Variation Customization, and Mini Cart customization because these features weren’t available in the default offering of the Commerce Cloud platform.

02 Modernizing

The team wrote various custom scripts to simplify things for a smooth migration. We modernized their whole site within a few months despite all the challenges. So, we take that as a win-win.


A globally known luxury watch brand like MVMT requires a brand-centric and high-performing online solution. MVMT got tremendous results after a seamless migration to Commerce Cloud by Innovadel’s experts.

Despite the hurdles, our team worked diligently to find innovative solutions and ensure a successful migration. Our team strategized creative alternatives to fulfill this requirement while maintaining functionality and user experience.

The overall website performance has been enhanced, and an improved website brought a positive change attracting higher conversions and traffic. MVMT migrated its online store from Shopify to Commerce Cloud and witnessed its brand digitally scaling up.