Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Around 2.6 billion people around the globe are online shoppers, based on a recent study, and that is a considerable number. Businesses need to scale up their businesses to handle this crowd because the number of customers buying products online is increasing by leaps and bounds. This means brands need to increase their online presence and enhance their services and products to attract customers. Choosing a quality platform to develop your e-commerce business for overall growth is essential. Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes on top when we talk about a platform’s scalability, agility, and operations in the market. Salesforce Commerce Cloud has everything that any e-commerce business can need, including uncountable benefits. SFCC is built on multiple tools that can track sales, scale up operations, analyze marketing efforts, and manage all business operations on a single platform.

Why Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

If you want a feature-rich and comprehensive cloud-based platform to run your e-commerce business seamlessly, then Salesforce Commerce Cloud is enough. This unique platform can help online stores form thought-provoking and intelligent consumer shopping experiences across many channels such as web, mobile, store, social, and more.

What does SFCC Do?

Looking collectively, Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides many attributes that let businesses connect with potential clients at every stage of the sales process. Furthermore, it offers brands top-notch Salesforce Commerce Cloud support across all channels. With the given market stage, customer behaviors are changing continuously, and brands need better omnichannel insights to reach their demands and analyze their behavior and user engagement from all business channels.

The real question is, what sets the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform apart from all other cloud-based e-commerce solutions? Well, it’s exceptional pre-built predictive intelligence. With the help of advanced predictive AI systems like Salesforce Einstein AI, you can deliver an unmatched shopping experience by getting smart insights into consumer behavior, getting to know opportunities to sell, and purchasing patterns on various channels.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B & B2C

Salesforce Commerce Cloud services are available to retailers to grow their businesses without any problems. It offers complete e-commerce solutions such as Salesforce B2C commerce and Salesforce B2B commerce that lets brands and e-tailers manage marketing, customer service, content management, order fulfillment, data analysis, and data management.

So, whether you are a B2B or B2C user, Salesforce Commerce Cloud help with all the solutions that can benefit your business. You can look at these top benefits of SFCC and understand how you can make the most of this platform.

Top 5 Benefits of SFCC

Although Salesforce Commerce Cloud development is widely prevalent among e-tailers, many must not know the most valuable benefits. Knowing about such features is essential to run an e-commerce business smoothly. Let’s discuss all the advantages here so you can get a comprehensive idea of SFCC in this blog.

·         Quality Marketing Tools

You can find one of the best marketing tools within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform that empowers merchants, brand marketers, and content creators. Brand owners can use Salesforce e-commerce tools to market their products to relevant consumers through the right strategy. It will ultimately help them take their sales rate to the sky quickly.

If you have yet to gain prior experience with technical tools or want to know the customer’s best interest, then you can do A/B testing and efficiently run the most successful campaigns. E-tailers can also optimize search queries based on customer search intent and increase product visibility. The best benefit of the SFCC platform for the e-commerce market is that businesses can run, track, and manage marketing campaigns such as email or social media marketing in one place and boost brand growth.

·         Predictive Intelligence

Salesforce has introduced Einstein AI to help e-commerce businesses utilize the perks and usage of artificial intelligence through the platform. It’s a next-generation AI platform that eliminates the need to use manual data analysis and third-party extensions.

In the past, businesses used third-party integration to add and manage attributes on the platform. Such integrations are mostly connected and can affect other activities’ performances. A few of the key Einstein AI system attributes are as follows:

  • Automate merchandising tasks and save the brand valuable time and money.
  • The tool recommends the best products to consumers.
  • It offers data-driven insights that lead to increased conversions.
  • There are real-time and useful predictions for online shoppers at every visit.

·         Storefront Internalization

There are no cloud-based platforms rather than SFCC, which lets organizations manage various storefronts for many locations globally from a single platform. Using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud attributes, you can seamlessly manage multi-language, unlimited processes, and multi-currency.

You can effortlessly maintain product data sets of your different e-commerce stores using Salesforce Commerce Cloud without any difficulty. In addition, you can manage various other intricacies such as pricing, product availability, and more.

·         Rich Mobile Experience

The amount of smartphone online shoppers are skyrocketing, and it’s a fact. Hence, merchants must constantly provide mobile-friendly and responsive experiences for their e-commerce stores. Furthermore, Google has changed the ranking factors such as mobile-first indexing, page loading speed, and mobile responsiveness, so businesses must take them seriously.

If you want to stay ahead of competitors, a mobile-friendly online business is your solution. One of the most enormous SFCC benefits is that it mainly focuses on a mobile-first business approach. SFCC, previously known as Demandware, is famous for offering great shopping experiences to mobile shoppers.

·         Omni-channel Capabilities

Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s top-notch functionality empowers merchants to run their organizations across omnichannel from one platform. With SaaS solutions, E-tailers can run various operations like order management, sales, conversions, inventory management, and marketing campaigns. If you have an e-commerce store, you’re in for flexibility and omnichannel features that will save your team’s efforts and valuable time.

·         Quality Customer Support

You can get undivided and round-the-clock support through Commerce Cloud development and ensure your brand runs smoothly and grows without pause. Furthermore, the support offered by SFCC can handle comprehensive issues like upgrading security, code fixes, and much more.

Concluding Thoughts

Before concluding this blog, let’s discuss the unlimited benefits that any business can have with the help of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. For example, you can expand your brand reach through comprehensive social extensions. It’s possible to reduce merchandising efforts by integrating products, pricing, and catalogs. If you’re a merchant, you can engage and guide consumers better using SFCC and connect the customer data with the CRM.

With the help of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can use product recommendations and customer segmentation to execute the shopping experience smartly. This is just the tip of the iceberg; e-tailers can turn around their business with these astonishing SFCC features.

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